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The secret is out...

Oregon is a extraordinary place for  wine

AVP Wine Collective is a collective winery and commercial wine storage facility in the Portland metro area.

We help emerging winemakers launch and support experienced winemakers by providing a well-organized, well-equipped winery alongside a supportive community and expert help.

AVP Staff

Exciting News!

* We are now accepting new winery partners!  Contact us for more information!

* Need help bottling, labeling, transporting or shipping?  We can help!

* Now providing Distilled Spirits storage.  Visit our services page for more details.

wine barrels

Who we are and what we stand for

Oregon’s reputation for high quality wine has increased dramatically over the last decade. As have the barriers to entry for small winemakers – particularly for winemakers who identify as women, LGBTQI+ or as people of color.  Finding a well-run, well-equipped, and welcoming facility to make wine is one of the biggest challenges winemakers face today.


We created AVP with the mission of offering a safe and inclusive place for all winemakers - but particularly underrepresented winemakers - to gain a foothold in the Oregon Wine industry.  Our 60,000-square-foot facility houses 10+ labels, which share winemaking equipment to produce their wines.  Our community of winemakers are 40% women, 30% LGBTQI+, and 30% people of color.

As we grow, we are looking forward to providing both business and winemaking mentoring to a whole new generation of winemakers.


Our Winery Partners

Who's making wine at AVP? We're glad you asked!

Interested in making or storing wine with us?  Get in touch!
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